House Md Season 8 Episode 2 - Transplant

After two further months in prison, new Dean of Medicine Foreman (Omar Epps) has House released from prison and into his employ. Things have changed: House has lost his office, his team, and Wilson's friendship. What he has gained is a new "team"–Dr. Chi Park (Charlyne Yi), a smart, timid resident–and a new case: a set of donor lungs that are failing, threatening the life of Wilson's patient (Liza Snyder).
In the end, Foreman gets House his old office back. Wilson enters the office, punches House to the ground to get even with him, and they reconcile.

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Season 7 Episode 1 - Full Recap

After House and Cuddy kiss, Cuddy checks on House's injury and removes his shirt to clean the wound. She then removes his pants and strokes his leg. When he asks her not to, she says she loves him and kisses the old injury. House then undresses Cuddy as they kiss, and then carries her to the bed.

House and Cuddy Hot Secne SexThe next morning, they wake up and House wonders what happens next. Cuddy prepares to go to work, and assures him that this is just the beginning. Cuddy's assistant Alex calls and House takes the calls. When the assistant says that Dr. Richardson threw up in the OR, House tells him to deal with it on his own.

Foreman, Taub, Chase, and Thirteen meet and wonder where House is. Chase notes that he read Thirteen's resignation letter to House, and then Foreman found it as well and tore it up. They want to know why she's resigning. She refuses.